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Season Two finishes. Waiting on Season Three to Start.

Posted 1/15/2020

Season Two Wrapped up the "Wizard of Odd" on New Years day.   From now until Season Three gets going there will be bonus episodes featuring interviews and more info on the cast as well as what ever else We can come up with.

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A lot of things are happen at Radio Free Denton, but updating the Web Page hasn't been one of them... Until now.

Posted 8/27/2019

We have been busy at Radio Free Denton Creating shows and other stuff.  After wrapping up Season 1 did we stop and take a vacation?  No! We just dove straight into Season two.    We also did a live show at J&J's Pizza.  

Radio Free Denton now has t-shirts for sale thru   


We have other things in the works so stay tuned and keep watching here and on our Facebook page: 

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The Season 1 Finale!

Posted 5/17/2019

Episode 10 of Season 1 wraps up this seasons shows with the finale of The Maltese Chicken and we learn the fates of our cast of characters.

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S1E7 - A turn for the worse released today... Check it out.

The Web Page is up and running

Posted 2/3/2019

We we finally got the web page up and running otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.  It has most of the bells and whistles at least.   A few more will will show up from time to time.  Feel free to start a discussion or pop over to the home page were you can find a link to the actual podcast.

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Radio Free Denton is on the Air! Well, on the internet...

Posted 1/23/2019

Radio Free Denton podcast has been released to the world!

    Rache:      We released three episodes of Radio Free Denton and they are now available to download on most podcast apps.

    Ken:     Well it isn't three complete episodes

    Rache:  Yeah, We released Episode 001, 002, and the "Me Episode"  000

    Doggie:  That is still an argument!

    Ken:      But the "Me" episode isn't a complete Episode.  It introduces us and what our podcast will be like.

    Rache:     Is it something that can be downloaded?

    Ken:     Yes

    Rache:    Can it be listened to?

    Ken:     Well of course.

    Rache:      I rest my case.