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Radio Free Denton is on the Air! Well, on the internet...

Posted 1/23/2019

Radio Free Denton podcast has been released to the world!

    Rache:      We released three episodes of Radio Free Denton and they are now available to download on most podcast apps.

    Ken:     Well it isn't three complete episodes

    Rache:  Yeah, We released Episode 001, 002, and the "Me Episode"  000

    Doggie:  That is still an argument!

    Ken:      But the "Me" episode isn't a complete Episode.  It introduces us and what our podcast will be like.

    Rache:     Is it something that can be downloaded?

    Ken:     Yes

    Rache:    Can it be listened to?

    Ken:     Well of course.

    Rache:      I rest my case.