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Our Release Schedule:


23 Jan 19 - ME Episode: "Release 000"  A brief and hopefully understandable episode describing what we do, and what our listening audience is in for…


Release S1E1 - Doggie Go Down the Hole:  RFD’s first full episode featuring Dead Clowns, Big Left Feet, Horrible Horoscopes, Regression Therapy, Birthin’ Babies, Clock Obsession, Ancient Jukeboxes, and Area 52…


23 Jan 19 - S1E2 Dead Clowns and Contractors:  RFD’s episode 2 featuring the recruitment of Polly, Meet the Mergatroids, BLT’s with the Weird Sisters, Dealings with Chickens, Towns Full of Heathens, and Reptoids….


06 Feb 19 - S1E3 - Elevator to the Gallows:  Mysterious Water towers, Runaway Elevators, Fruit on Pizza, Time Machines, Barbie Slavery, and the Bermuda Triangle


20 Feb 19 - S1E4 - RFD Meets the Exorcist:  Featuring Out-of-control Dead Clowns, Floating cats (a little Nod to Nightvale with love), Quantum Emails, Spikes in the Head, The Mandella Effect and an Exorcism…just good clean fun!


06 Mar 19 - S1E5 - The Stuff Dreams are Made of:   RFD Episode 5 releases Wed. Mar 6th...featuring Ken on Trial, Dave’s Lucky Day, Local News, The Legend of Goatman’s Bridge, and the first Episode of ”The Maltese Rubber Chicken Series; The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of"...can you dig it???


20 Mar 19 - S1E6  -  The Shady Side of Town:   RFD’s Episode 6 featuring the introduction of Cat, the wonders of AI, the confessions of a Theater Addict, the mystery of MK Ultra and the continuing adventures of The Maltese Rubber Chicken…


03 Apr 19 -  S1E7: RFD’s Episode 7 featuring A Few Choice Words from the Management, The Troubles of Time Travel, Bad Puns, The Mystery of Elisa Lam,  and the continuing adventures of “The Maltese Rubber Chicken” complete with Distressed Damsels, Irritated Detectives and Ex-Nazi Criminal Clowns…Nuff Said!


17 Apr 19 - S1E8:    Wheels in Motion: RFD’s Episode 8 featuring Rache and Ken pushin’ Doggie’s Buttons, Volatile Maltese Rubber Chickens, Double O Dangerous Missions, Terrible Puns, Disappearing Livestock, Daemon Markets, Mysteries of the Winchester House, Dead Clowns and Stolen Toyotas…all just good old fashioned family fun…WoHoo!


01 May 19 - S1E9 - Twists and Turns: RFD’s Episode 9 featuring 11 Year Old Shakedown Artists, A Trip to the Circus, A Huge Plot Twist in The Maltese Rubber Chicken Saga, Local Denton News, Interesting Science with Ken and his Black Hole Photography, The Criminal Clowns Meet a Dead Celebrity…and oh yea…the FBI finally Shows Up…WOW!!


15 May 19 - S1E10 - The Grand Finale: RFD’s Final Episode of Season 1 featuring Classical Heavy Metal and Dishwashers, More Bad Puns, Seeking the Meaning of life with the Great Oracle Duk Goh Quack, and the Mind Bending Grand Finale of The Maltese Rubber Chicken…Can you dig it?


29 May 19 - Special Bonus Episode:  The Maltese Chicken Part 1, 2, & 3

12 June 19 - Season 2 Starts!  S2E1 - The Intruder: RFD’s Opens it’s SECOND SEASON with a dilemma as the studio is invaded by a mysterious stranger who trys to usurp Bone Doggie’s position…plus, Back Yard 10 Commandments, More chicanery at the Oswald Dairy Farm, CHOCOLATE (Oooooo), and Rache’s Interesting Phobias…takes your breath away…doesn’t it?


26 June 19 - S2E2 - Death of a Jukebox -Bone Doggie’s beloved jukebox takes a dive causing Bone Doggie to slip right off his little cracker… also featured: An Interview with Frankenstein’s Monster…Ken investigates bottle counts in women’s bathrooms…Cat Brunet’s news goes editorial…and Rache Ann tackles Quantum Jumping….WOW!....Never a dull moment!


12 Jun 19 - S2E3 - The Great Doggie Chase of 2019:  Ken, Rache and Polly try to cope with Bone Doggie, who’s still in a Bone-alytic and/or Doggietonic state until the clock strikes 12 and all chaos breaks loose…also featured is our special guest Sabel Breeze in an exciting interview with Big Foot, Bam Bam still cares, Cat does the news, Emma does more poetry, Rache, Ken, and Doggie ponder the Salem Witch Trials, and Ellie and Maggie call Bone Doggie to explain why Maggie and a Bull are in jail in Spain…how can you keep up with it????


24 Jjun 19- Bonus Episode: WE DID A LIVE SHOW!! Which kicked the stuffing out of our production schedule…so in order to get back on track we’d like to offer a few blasts from the past including: Cat’s Big Intro, Classic BLuTs, 11 year old shakedown artists, Winning the lottery, losing a girlfriend, and gaining a spike in the head…brought to you by the makers of Plplplplt!


07 Aug 19 - S2E4 A Plan of Action: The RFD crew tackles timeless brain benders such as…the Beginning of Time…$40 Words in a $20 Conversation, Your Weekly Horoscope, The Local News…why Paul McCartney is STILL Dead, and What to Do when Rache Ann and Bone Doggie get swallowed up by a Mysterious Water Tower….whew!


21 Aug 19 - S2E25 Over The Rainbow: RFD is up to their eyeballs with the usual shenanigans and chicanery featuring Lonely Computer Apps, Horrible Horoscopes, Wacky Local News, a discussion about tomatoes, Insights into the Illuminati, and it’s all topped off with a bunch of bad tempered Munchkins, and a run in with a couple of…just another day at the office.

More episodes to be released every two weeks...